Main Street, Kirknewton

Client: Private
Completion: 2019

This project sought to reinvigorate a derelict and tired outbuilding structure attached to the rear of an existing house in Kirknewton, by altering and extending it to form a new open plan kitchen, dining and living area. The original structure was partly demolished to shorten its length, with the reclaimed stone material reused as part of the new extension to tie the contrasting parts of the project together. Timber cladding, vertically arranged, accentuates the newer intervention while the internal space is kept a seamless and flowing as possible between the two distinct parts of the structure.

Internally, emphasis was placed on strengthening and exposing the roof structure of the original outbuilding, over-cladding the truss beams with cedar; the open vaulted roof adds to the sense of drama within the space.

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